Some of the pictures we took at this amazing Solar weekend. Spent the weekend with my dear friends Kasper (<3), Erik, Ilse and Amber. Erik is the most fun person in the world, we met in High School and terrorized most of the classes we where in. The most annoying students ever, that's def our title. This weekend brought back a lot of memories, we had to admit that we are a bunch of crazy fuckers! 


Well there it is.. my birthday surprise! My birthday isn't until the 30th of August but this amazing boy couldn't wait! Soo happy with my little friend.. His name is Oscar and he is 10 weeks old. I'm hoping for sunny days to come, to make long walks!



Just got back from the most amazing weekend ever! We had the best weather, 3 days of sun! Was great to spent some time with friends and good music. Made tons of fun pictures, gonna post them soon! 
Not sure if there will be time to post them to morrow.. With my b-day surprise is arriving!



Soo today it's finally time for Solar festival.. I've been looking forward to this event for a while now! Packed some nice food (incl. a bbq!!), wine, marshmallows, old clothes! And now we're good to go! 
See you guys on Monday, when I will reveal my fab b-day surprise!!

Loveee x



Jeans Blouse: Primark Shorts: H&M Watch: Michael Kors 

Just an simple summer outfit, that's perfect to wear in the office (yesss we're lucky, every day it's casual Friday). 
Kind off tired and still so much stuff to do.. Wash the clothes I wanna pack for the Solar weekendbreak festival, read my e-book on the Ipad to make sure I'm totally ready for my present haha. And throw myself on an other DIY project, I will show you guys later! 


Goodmorning sunshines! Another day at the office for me.. Would be great to have a life of my cat Rick instead, just chillin' lying in the sun and eating some fish! OMG it's only one week away from the 6th of August, the day my amazing pre-bday present will arrive (my bday is on the 30th of August).. Just can't wait to share it with you guys.. Someone, anyone an idea already???



Top: H&M Shorts: H&M Shoes: River Island

Hi everyone! Had the most amazing day on the boat. The sun was shining so we we're getting a nice tan, there was good food and great people! 
Wearing my H&M top for the first time today.. got it on sale, one left in my size (every now and than I feel lucky!). Must say I really like it. It gives me the best summer feeling with it's bright happy colors! The sunglasses I'm wearing are some oldies I found in my dashboard, haha safe option wouldn't really mind if they fell in the water.